About - Drone Clipz

What is Drone Clipz?

Drone Clipz is an amazing new site that seeks to provide stunning video. The use of drone video has exploded and is the hottest thing in blockbuster movies, commercials, music videos, and just about everywhere. The technology is cutting edge and the unique point of view from a floating camera delivers imagery that was not possible just a couple of years ago.  Drone footage has truly changed the industry and Drone Clipz seeks to be a powerful marketing tool for our video clients.

Chet Frohlich, a veteran commercial photographer for over thirty years, is a natural for drone videography. His knowledge of the industry and ability to tell a story with images allows him to create beautiful cinematography.

In 2010 Chet Frohlich founded OC Stock Photos which has become the preeminent source for stock photography of Orange County, CA. Chet is using that successful model to build a comprehensive library of royalty free stock video clips, all available for on-demand download. All of our videos are available in 1080 HD to 480 resolution.  Our galleries will be continually growing and become an indispensable source for buyers need Orange county point of interest video and more.

Drone Clipz will also offer video production on a lighter scale producing short videos aimed at mostly architectural and related marketing. Drone Clipz is ideal for real estate developers, the tourism industry, the hospitality industry, and much more.

Drone Clipz… launching an aerial assault on the status quo!

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